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mail-pgp-48x48 How many spam email per day you have?We need to remove those mail everyday.For most of us, changing our primary email address to get rid of spam is not really an option. This is because our email addresses are known and used by many of our contacts and may also be printed on business cards and other material.The particular tool/company that I am referring to is called EmailCenterUK.

EmailCenterUK provides Email marketing software and Email marketing services.While many solutions simply provide users with basic statistical information about their email campaigns, Maxemail provides us a powerful solution for tracking Email marketing campaigns.

Over 300 organisations now use EmailCenterUK’s Maxemail services for their email marketing.

Key features & benefits:list_screen_000
● Detailed tracking reports of opens, clicks and purchases
● Avoid spam filters with our email deliverability tools
● Automated bounce & unsubscribe management
● Dynamic content & Segmentation tools
● HTML email template editing
● Email-a-friend option for viral marketing
● Advanced A/B Testing capabilities
● Flexible & competitive pricing
● Choice of in-house, self-service or fully managed

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