Flex 4中如何去除ComboBox竖直方向分割符的例子

接下来的例子演示了Flex 4中如何通过skin样式自定义皮肤,去除ComboBox竖直方向分割符。




/* Define the skin elements that should not be colorized.
For button, the graphics are colorized but the arrow is not. */
static private const exclusions:Array = [“arrow”];
override public function get colorizeExclusions():Array {
return exclusions;

/* Define the symbol fill items that should be colored by the “symbolColor” style. */
static private const symbols:Array = [“arrowFill1”, “arrowFill2”];
override public function get symbolItems():Array {
return symbols

/* Define the border items.*/
static private const borderItem:Array = [“borderEntry1”, “borderEntry2”];
override protected function get borderItems():Array {
return borderItem;

代码:Peter deHaan 翻译/整理/编译:中文Flex例子

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